30 Day Declutter Challenge – Days 16-18

We’re over halfway! Things are getting pretty serious now, but we’re keeping up the pace. I’m finding it very beneficial to be doing matching collections each day – e.g. I had a pile of 10 handbags to get rid of, but the dates were already accounted for up to Day 16 so I had to raise my game and add some more. Have been really enjoying pushing myself to getting rid of as many things as possible, and it’s so rewarding seeing the pile growing. I’m so excited to take it all to a charity shop at the end.


So, here’s what we achieved:


Day 16: Handbags (and a suitcase)


Day 16 declutter challenge


Day 17: Nail varnishes

Day 17 declutter challenge


Day 18: Paper bags and random bathroom items

Day 18 declutter challenge




Meanwhile…. a friend at work has started her January clearout and got rid of books, DVDs, CDs and even teapots! Great job 🙂

Louise J clearout



How’s your clear out going? Hope you’re all having a generous January giving lots away to charity shops. Get your year off to a good start with some friendly karma.

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  1. ElizNash January 19, 2015 / 3:05 PM

    Halfway there–yay for you guys! Big success here yesterday: Spousal Unit agreed to 30 minutes going through his clothes, and we came up with 2-plus paper grocery bags! Major, major, major for him–he hates doing clothes stuff, whether incoming or outgoing. Now my challenge is to fill up bag #3–got about 10 inches to go.

    • pauperintoprincess January 22, 2015 / 12:49 PM

      Nice job!! Glad to hear he’s on board too – my Dad and brother were similarly reluctant but soon couldn’t resist. It’s so satisfying 😀

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