£50 beauty challenge – Update & Empties!

I started a super tough Beauty Challenge on the 8th July in which I challenged myself to only spend £50 on beauty over the next 365 days. It mainly involves using up things that I’ve been hoarding, and also not buying anything unneccesary.


So, I thought it was time for an update!!

It’s been 79 days and I’m still alive – achievement #1. I’ve noticed a few changes in my consumption – most significantly I’ve stopped bothering to put makeup on if I’m going swimming or to the gym, or at home all day. Every day of foundation I save feels like one more day at the end of the year that I don’t have to live without. So that’s at least one positive thing already!

I’ve managed to use up quite a few things, mostly shower stuff like shampoo, but soon makeup will begin to join the ’empties pile’ I think. I have actually used up a couple more things than are in this picture, but this is the majority of it.





I personally think it doesn’t seem like a huge amount, but I suppose the pattern won’t be steady as I’ll be finishing up a lot more things towards the end of the year. At least this is a start!


The things I’ll especially miss/repurchase are….

Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator

This product is amazing and I use it every day without fail as a primer. Thankfully I have another one already but if not I think I’d be seriously distressed about it finishing! This is something I’d definitely repurchase even though it’s pretty pricey. I don’t think it does much of the ‘perfecting’ stuff it claims, but it does make a really lovely base for makeup, and lasts ages too.


Creme de la Mer Cleansing Fluid

When this ran out I genuinely almost cried, my boyfriend can vouch for that! Thankfully I found half a bottle in my Mum’s bathroom that I’ve rapidly stolen back. This is the best cleanser I’ve ever used by far. It’s an oily texture which you would expect to be bad for spots, but actually it takes all the oil off my skin without leaving it tight the next day. I went without it for one day before I found the hidden half bottle, and immediately felt tight and dry all across my forehead in the morning. Already dreading this running out in a month as it hardly ever comes up on eBay and I can’t afford it within the £50 challenge limits. Perhaps a Christmas list is in order!




Acetone GPC

This is a slightly strange one I know, but it’s a really great tip (if I may say so myself!). Years ago I looked at the ingedients on my nail varnish remover and realised it’s basically just Acetone and water, and decided to start making my own. I used to hate it when the remover lost its potency after a few months. So now, I buy the pure Acetone on eBay and dilute it as I please. It’s about £5 for 500ml which will last you years. I normally go for about 1 acetone : 3 water but then as it get’s weaker just top it up. It’s also perfect for when you are taking off acrylics or shellac and need pure acetone on hand. Genius!




The things I’ve bought so far….


Batiste Blonde Dry Shampoo

I got this dry shampoo because it was on offer (£1.98 in Superdrug) and I know I’m not going to be able to live without my precious Batiste. I haven’t run out of my existing supply yet (although I have emptied one big bottle which I didn’t keep to photograph) but when I do it’s going to be a major issue so I thought I’d better grab the bargain when I saw it. I always use the blonde one and find it flawless on my hair – gets rid of all grease, adds body and doesn’t leave any funny texture/smell/colours/dust. A must have!!

Directions Pink Hair Dye

As you may know I dip dyed my hair recently which was super fun! It looked awesome and there is still a hint of pink even now (about 2 months later). I did two applications and still have enough for one more in the pot, so must get round to doing that. I am already missing my bright pink hair!

This cost £4.50 so was a big chunk of my £50 budget, but a girl’s gotta have some fun!

Tweezers (Primark)

The biggest disaster I’ve come across so far from this challenge is LOSING my makeup bag! I’m still hoping it’ll show up, but if not then that’s going to be a huge knock to the £50. Thankfully I don’t keep all my makeup together, but it was all my daily stuff, including my tweezers. The other things I’ve just temporarily substituted, but of course I can’t live without tweezers. God bless Primark bargains.



TOTAL SPEND SO FAR: £7.48 / £50 = 14%

TIME ELAPSED SO FAR: 79 DAYS / 365 = 21%



So, I’m on track right now, but I’m well aware that towards the end things will start running out so I’ll need to save a lot of my budget for that. But so far so good! Will update you again soon. And why not consider trying it yourself…..?

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  1. Rebecca Trim September 29, 2013 / 11:48 PM

    Just thought I’d comment and commend you on the challenge! As a beauty therapist you would not believe how many beauty products I have stored over the years! Regarding the oily cleanser the reason it works so well is because where normally products for oily skin strip the oil from your skin and therefore lead it to produce more oil and leads to more spots… Whereas if you use an oily cleanser it cleans your skin and your skin produces less oil so less spots! There are a few other oily cleansers on the market that are a little cheaper and I’ll see if I can source one for you! Also acetone can be bought at Sally’s salon suppliers for cheaper! In fact that place is great for finding a few beauty bargains! Let me know if you are desperate for anything 🙂 again I commend you because I could never do it!

    • pauperintoprincess September 30, 2013 / 9:43 AM

      Thanks Rebecca! Yeah I’d love to know a cheaper alternative for sure. Definitely going to stick to oily cleansers from now. I’ve heard Grapeseed oil is amazing so have been meaning to try it out. Think it’s a moisturiser rather than cleanser though? Any advice much appreciated!

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