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First of all, thank you for visiting my blog – I’m honoured you’ve chosen to give me some of your precious time and I value every single one of you! If you ever want to get in touch just email me at paupertoprincess@gmail.com

I believe you can beat the fashionistas for under £5, and Pauper to Princess is dedicated to that quest! As a self-confessed charity shop addict (and the more than occasional dabble with eBay and carboots) I will be sharing with you my best finds – all strictly costing £5 or less. I truly believe you can look BETTER than conventional store-buying shoppers and for a fraction of the price.

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So finally, a little about me…. my name is Louise and I’m a Dorset girl. I love to travel and everywhere I go I seek out the best second hand thrifting spots to share with you. Since graduating in 2013 I’ve been a full time charity shop consultant and entrepreneur, and am currently travelling the world as a digital nomad. You’ll find me anywhere in the world with a great flea market scene.

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