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As some of you may know I’m currently living in London, and whilst I am sorely missing the warm sands of Thailand, the exciting side is that I get to work with some fantastic British brands while I’m back. You may remember that last year I did a behind the scenes and top picks blog post of the All Aboard Finchley Road shop, and this year they kindly invited me back to do a full Look Book. There’s going to be a video to go with this post to keep reading to see that at the end…

We only had an hour to choose all the outfits so everything you see here is from the Finchley Road shop – just goes to show how many trends you can nail in thrift shops! We didn’t have stock saved up or put aside – we just showed up one day and raided the rails. Their Finchley Road shop is especially good for bargains and labels so pop along when you’re next in town.

Trend #1 – The Slip Dress

As pioneered by Kate Moss in the nineties this trend is finally making it’s fierce comeback. I opted for this silky strappy evening gown rather than a full on nightie (a bit more wearable IRL I think) and toughened it up with a leather jacket. The dress is originally Monsoon so is gorgeous quality!



Trend #2 – Wide Legged Trousers

It’s official – this trend is inescapable now. Whether they’re denim, chiffon, pleated, patterned or simply workwear, the wide legged ‘culotte’ style is everywhere this year. The secret to wearing them well is high heels and a simple, and keeping the rest of the outfit tight fitted so you don’t get swamped. I kept everything monochrome for a sleek work look, and added a red clutch for a pop of colour.



Trend #3 – Texture and Frills

Frills are going to be a big trend this season – lots of texture, movement and joy. This navy dress is so chic for an office-evening look and made me feel a million dollars. I added a bright red coat to make everything spring to life, and some incredible knee high green suede boots.




Trend #4 – Bomber Jacket

This trend started it’s life last year and seems to be coming back full force this year too. I’ve got everything from silk, to printed, to sport bomber jackets and this one adds to my collection perfectly. They’re such a fun casual item that can be worn in formal settings for a fun twist. This one brought down my evening out outfit to relaxed and sexy (not to mention warm!).



Trend #5 – Metallics

We had to finish off with something outrageous and this outfit is head to toe designer (yes – from a charity shop!!). This dress is Tom Ford and the jacket Marni. Of course it’s not your everyday wear, but if you want to look like you’ve strolled right off a runway the charity shops have got you covered. Metallics are continuing right through 2016 (especially silver), so keep an eye out in your local thrift store!




So, if you’re ready for a closer look at the outfits check out the youtube video below – and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. Ilana March 24, 2016 / 7:24 PM

    Great post, love all your looks! Can’t wait to have you back at all aboard charity shops for another lookbook thanks so much for visiting us!

    • paupertoprincess March 24, 2016 / 9:29 PM

      It turned out so well!! Always find the best things in your shops 🙂

  2. Charlotte March 27, 2016 / 10:06 PM

    I absolutely love these looks!! I think my favourite is the metallic Tom Ford dress. I am very jealous!

    • paupertoprincess March 27, 2016 / 10:19 PM

      Yes it’s outrageous but fab! Thanks for watching 🙂

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