Another Great Thrifty Blogger – ‘Can’t Swing a Cat’

I’ve recently been following the progress of ‘Can’t Swing a Cat‘ and wanted to recommend her to you guys.


She’s been on a mission to save Β£6000 and realistic ways you too can get your financial life in order, plus does lots of interesting posts about blogging and eating healthy.


But of course my favourite part of her blog is the charity shop finds! Her latest blog post is a particular favourite of mine as it’s all about her First Day as a Charity Shop volunteer!Β I have volunteered in charity shops loads and always have a brilliant time. It’s by far my favourite way to give back to my community – and I always come out with a pile of purchases too (full price of course!).

Can't Swing a Cat - Profile picture


Have you ever volunteered in a charity shop? How do you like to help charities? Let me know in the comments below!

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