Aztec rainbow lantern skirt


I hope you’ve all been enjoying this glorious sunshine, I couldn’t resist wearing a whole mash of colours in this lovely weather!

This skirt came from my favourite flea market in Oslo – Vestkanttorget – you must visit it if you’re ever in town!

I am also obsessed with the handbag mini trend right now. They’re so adorably teeny and they stop me carrying loads of junk that I don’t need and giving myself a bad shoulder!


Rainbow aztec lantern skirt – £1 – Vestkanttorget flea market, Oslo

Nude patent mini handbag – £2.50 – British Heart Foundation, Salisbury

White strappy – £2 – Primark

Baby pink waterfall waistcoat – £1 – Primark sale (it’s a size 16 but I like it that way!)

Gold pumps – not bloggable – H&M




I am currently reading ‘Maverick’ by Ricardo Semlar and it’s blowing my mind! It’s pretty old but it’s about a guy who got rid of all the hierarchy, bureaucracy and downward control in his company. Well worth a read! Am getting plenty of inspiration for my new charity shop business Find Me (please like us on Facebook!)


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