Barry M v Seche Vite – Top Coat Challenge

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A lot of bloggers who’s opinions I really respect swear by Seche Vite as a top coat. As you may know, I LOVE Barry M nail polish, especially their top coat, but thought I’d give Seche Vite a try and bought it off Amazon (for over £5 – shocker!). It’s supposed to be fast drying, very durable, and lovely and glossy. But I thought I’d give it a (relatively) scientific challenge of squaring up to my beloved Barry M. So, I’ve gone for Left hand Barry M, and Right hand Seche Vite. Then I’ll let you know in a few days who faired best!





I went for festive nails so had a clear base coat of the Barry M or Seche Vite, added a bright red Essie (#472) layer, and then a thick red glitter from ‘Love & Beauty’ which is Forever 21. Finally, of course, a top coat layer of clear.

On first application:

Seche Vite is very liquid so you end up putting quite a lot on, but it’s always bubble and smudge free as it runs into place. It also brought out the colours of the glitter a teeny bit more. I worry that it going on so thick will make it more likely to peel though….

I didn’t notice Seche Vite drying any more quickly than Barry M, but perhaps it was slightly quicker. Nothing too impressive or memorable though.

Overall, a pretty level playing field – I’d definitely struggle to tell the difference between the two hands just by looking.








Barry M Top Coat – £2.99 – Boots/Superdrug – often plus free gifts and 3for2 promotions

Seche Vite Top Coat – £7.19 (plus free postage ove £10) – Amazon







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