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Today’s outfit was inspired by trying to mix aesthetics together. I got this barbie pink pencil skirt from a charity shop on Ashley Road. I immediately fell in love because it was so Elle Woods (and Legally Blonde is my all time FAVOURITE film) but my friend said it was too cliched. So…. I thought I’d better resist wearing it with a cream chiffon blouse like I normally would, and instead decided to go for something a bit more hipster or rocker. I originally envisioned a studded black bralet or something, which I might do in the future, but yesterday when I saved this t-shirt from getting shredded for rags I knew it would be a fun mix.






These shoes are from which is a site where EVERYTHING is £5! I have also been shopping at the site and will be doing a comparison of the two soon. I’m really happy with these shoes though, they’re really comfy and pretty good quality.

The nail polish is the Seventeen Peacock shade that I reviewed after my Millie Macintosh inspiration.




Finally, I tried to curl my hair with some bendy foam rollers which I’m going to review soon. I really liked the loose beach curls when I first took them out, but it dropped super quickly so I’m going to try again and do a full review soon!


Today’s outfit….

Pink barbie skirt – £2.99 – Age UK charity shop, Ashley Road, Poole

Basketball vest tshirts – free – Bath Enterprise Society

Grey and black heels – £5 –

Seventeen Peacock nail polish – £2.99 – Boots

Bendy foam rollers – £2.87 for 12 – eBay – link!

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