Beauty Review: Nair Shower Power Creams


A quick beauty review for you today! I was kindly sent the new Nair Shower Power range recently so thought I’d compile my thoughts for you….


I personally really like these creams (because I’m too lazy to shave and too wussy to wax) – they hardly take any time at all, and are totally pain free. However, the Veet ones smell AWFUL! I think they’ve recently released some scented ones (which I haven’t tried yet) but I was really pleasantly surprised by these Nair ones. Neither smell at all odd – just clean and soapy – result!


The Argan Oil cream is really moisturising, and has a lovely fresh soap scent, while the Brazilian Spa Clay is beautifully rich and creamy. If you try really really hard you can still smell the ‘hair removal’ scent, but it’s seriously reduced compared to what I’ve seen before. Very impressed!


The claim with these is that you put them on for a couple of minutes before you shower, then leave them on for 3 mins during your shower before you wash them off. Definitely better than the 10 mins of sitting in a freezing cold bathroom that I was used to before!


Both of them did what they said on the tin, and without any of the downsides previously associated with hair removal creams. I will definitely be buying these once they run out, and would recommend them highly!



Both are £6.99 in Boots and are a huge 200ml, which I think will last for aaaaaages.

What do you think? Have you tried either of these? Or had any good or bad experiences?

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