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There’s been a recent trend in brand campaigns promoting Girl Power, and although some have commented that repackaging feminism for selling products isn’t exactly ideal, I’m excited to see anything that encourages people to be themselves and love themselves. So, I thought I’d do a little post today on campaigns I’ve loved, and why I dress however the hell I want (and you should to!).

I find comments on my clothes flip flop between between “you can pull of everything” and “what on earth are you wearing”. In fact, this is often about the exact same outfit! I’m not even very outrageous with my clothes as the scale goes, but still I like to play with clashing prints/colours, wearing totally the opposite weather season, and buying things simply because I kind of hate them. That’s the beauty of charity shopping – things are so cheap you can just experiment, and if you never wear it you’ve basically just donated money to charity instead. For me getting dressed in the morning is a chance to take on a new persona, and play around with rules or conventions. I like every outfit to have something eye catching about it – call me an attention hog but I love to make heads turn!


My favourite social media campaign recently has been from Not Dressed as Lamb. She’s an over 40s fashion blogger (which is actually a huge blogging demographic btw!) and she’s definitely my favourite. She recently shared someone else’s article of 24 Things Women Should Stop Wearing After Age 30, and was (rightly) outraged as the boxing of age categories into fashion choices. So, an Instagram and blog campaign started on #iwillwearwhatilike. She planned out a ‘forbidden’ item for each day and everyone joined in on Instagram wearing those things. I absolutely LOVED seeing all the fabulously glamorous outfits and accessories, and have selected a few of my favourites below. Make sure you give them a ‘follow’.

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A few of the corporate campaigns I’ve really enjoyed are This Girl Can by Sport England and #imperfect by Esprit, which has been pretty popular on social media. Both of them encourage you to be yourself and be joyful doing it. It’s so exciting to see billboards and worldwide media spreading messages like that and it’s got to be helping young girls counteract the airbrush culture. Fashion is never going to be truly representative of real women, but any campaign moving in the right direction has got to be good! For me the Street Style and blogger movement has given a bit more exposure to real people wearing creative outfits. It’s bridged the cap between insane catwalk looks and drab high street campaigns, to show accessible craziness. My favourite medium for keeping in touch with that scene is through Bill Cunningham’s On The Street weekly roundup. If you haven’t heard of him definitely check out my blog post about the Bill Cunningham documentary.


I’d love to hear some of your favourite crazy outfits – for me ‘pulling off’ an outfit is 100% about confidence, and feeling good. Lots of expensive items or current trends don’t make me feel like standing tall, whereas a thrifted tartan blazer gives me swagger for days! Comment below with some of your favourite fashion rules to break… and for futher reading check out this great post on The Eggplant Emoji: Is self expression any easier than dressing to impress?



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