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Hey guys! As I’m always on the road and moving around to different parts of the world, I thought you might like to know which apps I use to make life as smooth as possible. I’m totally reliant on my phone, and whilst of course I love Instagram, AirBnB, TripAdvisor etc, I thought I’d share with you a few amazing ones that you may not have heard of! Let me know your favourites in the comments below too.



CoPilot is a fully blown sat nav, but on your phone. You can take the maps and routes offline so you don’t have to rely on 3G, ideal for holiday. It’s also amazingĀ for road trips as you can program in as many stops as you want, and it’ll calculate the best routes, and notify you of traffic, speed cameras, and places to visit. The offline maps were an absolute game changer for me as I am truly awful at navigating so always get lost on holiday (and literally every day ever!).

Get it in the App Store here


I know most people use VSCO cam for editing their images, but I find it quite frustrating and counterintuitive. Afterlight is my photo editing app of choice for sure – it’s really simple and has some quite detailed functionality. Essential.



While we’re on the topic of Instagram, I love a good Gif and by far the best maker I’ve found is GifMov. You can make gifs from image bursts (hold down the photo button on your phone and it takes hundreds in quick succession), videos, and photos. Super handy.



It’s not the most trendy of activities but I absolutely love Geocaching. All over the world people hide tiny (or sometimes large) capsules (i.e. tupperware) and leave clues or coordinates in the app for you to follow. It’s such a fun way to fill a day, or to explore areas of town on holiday that you wouldn’t normally see. Why not have a look now and see if there’s any near your house…. I bet there are!



The LAST thing you want when you’re travelling is to be bored or find yourself without entertainment. I love the RSSRadio app for storing all my podcasts on. It’s super easy to adjust how many you want it to automatically download of each series, so it just handles all the background for you whenever you’re on wifi. A few of my personal favourites are Ctrl Alt Delete, Girl Boss radio, Criminal, 99% Invisible, and No Such Thing As A Fish. If you’d like a full low down on all the best podcasts let me know and I’ll do a proper blog post on it!


Home and Dry

Home and Dry hasĀ saved my skin (and hair!) a bunch of times. It gives you a map of rainstorms over the next couple of hours exactly where you are… down to almost minute by minute. If I’m ever caught in a storm I use it to decide whether to stay put or make a run for it, and it’s also debunked “it looks like rain” theories many times! It’s the kind of thing you can’t live without once you get it.


Let me know in the comments below what your favourite app is for travelling!

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