Boston Goodwill – Shopping Challenge

You may have noticed that a few weeks ago on Inspiration Monday I blogged about a TED talk where the speaker had taken no clothes with her, bought all her outfits for the week from Goodwill, and then donated them back again when she left. I was so inspired I decided to do the same (with some teeny edits) during my trip!


So, I’ve arrived in Boston yesterday and will be here for just under two weeks. All I’ve packed in a couple of basics – jeans, black and white strappy tops, and a pair of pumps. So, I have cheated a bit by bringing some clothes but it’s just basics to mix with my thrifted items (and I know I could easily buy the basics here too but it seems like  a waste of money if I already own them). My only other adjustment to the rules is that I am not going to donate them back to Goodwill – instead I’m going to take them home and put them in my new charity shop start up; Find Me!


Watch this space for lots of Boston thrifted outfits……



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