B&W Lantern Dress

These are some pictures from the first ever photo shoot I did which was years ago now – but it was such fun and had me totally addicted! Of course, it’s another bargain outfit, and this is one that I’ve worn loads. You can’t really go wrong with monocrome but I don’t like things to be too dull, so having a fun silhouette and long socks gave it a bit more creativity and interest.

It was also back when I had my hair permed, which was a rather fun little phase. I got it done at the Bournemouth and Poole college who do loads of beauty and hair treatments really cheaply. Things take a little longer, as they’re learners, but they are very careful so I actually think I get better care than at professional salons. I’d highly recommend trying out your local college, even just for a manicure or spray tan! If you’re at all nervous then just make sure you go towards the end of the academic year, as then they’re all about to qualify and take jobs in pro salons anyway!

Black and white cotton lantern dress – eBay – £3.00

Black shoe boots – Primark sale – £5

Black long socks – Primark  – £1

Perm and cut – Bournemouth and Poole college – £15

Gold dangly butterfly earrings – Primark – £1

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  1. pauperintoprincess January 28, 2013 / 9:59 PM

    Thanks Kenny! Perhaps one day we will be in the same country and can shoot….

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