Christmas Crafting with Sinead

I’ve thrifted almost all my Christmas presents this year so will be posting lots of them once Christmas is over and the recipients have had their surprise! I love getting people things in charity shops – you can get way more for your money, there’s often lots of new or unique stuff, AND it gives to charity – happy days.

But, in the meantime, I went round to Sinead’s last night to help out with a bit of festive craft. She’s making these adorable felt animal masks for her (many) toddler cousins. They’re super simple and really effective. We got the designs off Pintrest then just copied them in felt and stitched/glued them together. Simple, effective, and inexpensive.

Hope you like them!


Felt: £10 (massive pack so most of it is still left)

Elastic – £2.50

Price per mask – 50p-£1 estimate!









BONUS: Her dress was only £1.99! View the full write up in Sinead’s Autumn Collection

Red and blue printed dress – £1.99 – Barnados, Poole

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