Daily Vitamins – Good or Bad?

DSC03319I’ve always thought taking vitamins was a waste of time and you should just get everything you need from your diet… but recently I’ve been experimenting and I’d love your thoughts!

DSC03317 I’ve suffered for most of my life with headaches and mouth ulcers and it’s only just occurred to me (duh!) that perhaps I have some sort of deficiency that I could solve through simple daily pill popping!DSC03315I discovered online (God bless Google!) that ulcers can be caused by Vitamin B12 and Iron deficiency, so that’s my first port of call! I’ve also been interested for a while in whether Cod Liver Oil really does help with concentration, thought processes, and hair/nails so thought I’d add that into my regime too. 

DSC03313Will update you guys when I’ve been doing it for a while with how I’m getting on. But in the meantime would love to hear whether you take any daily vitamins, or just get it from juicing or a healthy diet (eek). Let me know your views and experiences!

do you take any vitamins? let me know below!


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  1. Faye June 16, 2015 / 5:05 AM

    I usually take Iron supplements (cus I get super tired otherwise and also get mouth ulcers – I’m not willing to up my red meat intake (Trying to be more vegetarian because the environment) I have also been taking Evening Primrose Oil to attempt to control my hormonal mood swings – I’m not sure if that is working, you would have to ask Adam haha. I used to always take Multivitamins and Iron – but read an article about how Multivitamins can cause more harm than good so have switched to just Iron and i haven’t noticed a significant difference.

    • paupertoprincess June 16, 2015 / 9:09 PM

      Interesting! I wasn’t sure which of the things I was taking has been stopping my ulcers but sounds like just iron could work for me too. So hard to stay on top of what’s healthy and what’s just pretending to be!! Thanks for the tips 😀

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