Day 11 – Vera loves Velvet





Today both of these items up on the ‘wear or donate’ chopping board (even the belt!). From today’s post I’m definitely going to keep the top as it’s really really soft and I found a few different outfits to put it with this morning. I think I might give the skirt to Find Me though as it’s less broadly wearable. Meet the new ruthless Louise! Can’t wait to show you guys a picture of all the stuff I’m getting rid of at the end of the month….. hope it’s a big collection by then!


I got this top from a church tabletop sale on the street in Boston and when I saw it was my first ever Vera Wang, and only $1 I was overjoyed!

The skirt is from eBay a few years back and originally comes from F&F (Tesco).

Finally, the belt is a fab heavy metal 90s belt and I hadn’t worn it at all until today but now I think I’m going to put it with a bunch of things! The dark metal colour is very wearable to it’s easy to match with outfits.


In this outfit I added the belt to have some repetition from the embellished top to the embellished skirt – hope you like it!








Dark grey Vera Wang embellished top – $1 (70p) – Salvation Army church sale, Boston, USA

Dusky pink velvet F&F skirt – £2.49 – eBay

Metal belt – free – my Mum’s clearout






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  1. thedomesticstoryteller October 13, 2013 / 10:51 AM

    Ooh, this is my favourite outfit so far! I think the colours go perfectly together 🙂 Well done you for being ruthless though, it feels good to clear out your wardrobe doesn’t it?
    Best wishes.

    • pauperintoprincess October 13, 2013 / 4:15 PM

      Yeah I love it! Can’t wait to show you guys the big pile of stuff I’m getting rid of at the end of the month thanks to this feature. Exciting!

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