Day Out in Royal Park, Rajapruek – Chiang Mai


This weekend Ed and I went for a day out at the Royal Park in Chiang Mai (Thailand). We are working 6 days a week right now while we try and build up our online income, so I always try and find a fun adventure for our day off – otherwise we’d probably do a 12 hour NetFlix binge (which may have happened once or twice but I’m not telling). This week I somehow convinced him to come to a huge flower park with me (I’ve no idea how) and it was actually really really fun.

I took a million photos (of course) so don’t want to bombard you with those but will scatter a few through this post. Each garden in the park was split into a different country/theme – Japan, Nepal, Orchids, Bugs, and even Holland! It was super fun to have such variety, and we got loads of great snaps.

So without further ado, here are a couple of my favourite pics from the day.

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Right in the centre of the park is a HUGE temple that was absolutely stunning. Apparently the whole park was built for a visit from the King for a one off festival that was held there – pretty incredible show just for a day! It wasn’t all perfectly maintained compared to some high end Botanical Gardens I’ve been to like Atlanta and Kew (London) but considering the insane heat (and the £2/100 Baht entry price) we were pretty impressed.





One of the great things about Thailand is that its super cheap (not exactly a news flash) but it means we have the financial freedom to be luxurious – so, we started off by taking the internal train all round the park, and then we decided to rent bikes as well to save walking around the areas we wanted to see in more detail. I’m normally so thrifty that I probably would’ve done the whole thing on foot back home – meaning I wouldn’t see as much and would be exhausted by the end – but when it’s only £1 p/p even I can cough up the cash.



It’s also really easy to get to – we drove as we’ve got a motorbike and it is only about 15 minutes south of the town centre. You can also get a ‘red bus’ aka Songthaew without too much difficulty.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 02.02.48

Thanks for reading! Comment below if you’ve ever been to Rajapruek Park, or if you’d like more travel tips like this in future blog posts!



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