DIY 20 Min Bikini Wrap

Our resident DIY expert Cathi is back. This time she’s made a bikini wrap which took less than 20 minutes (can’t really beat that if you ask me). We are going away this summer and I’m definitely going follow this tutorial to make a matching one!
Here are the basic steps and tips:
1) The best material to use is jersey knit, that way you can cut it and there is no need for hemming/finishing, as it doesn’t fray
2) Wrap the material around you and cut a basic rectangle for how long and how far around you’d want the wrap to be
3) Cut out six identical strips for the plaited straps (so the length needs to go over your shoulder and increase/decrease depending on how low you’d want it
4) Plait them into two straps
5) Pin on the straps, one at each end then bent over a few inches after, try it on to check that you’ve got them in the right places and sew them
6) In the underarm holes, trim the hole so it’s curved and will look better when on


There are more detailled tutorials on other blogs but you only need to skim read them as it’s really very straight forward.







Happy making!!

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