DIY Pink Dip Dyed Hair


I’ve finally done it – dip dyed my hair pink! I totally love it and so I thought I’d pass on some DIY beauty tips to you….


It works best on blonde I think as you don’t need to bleach it underneath, but I presume it would still work on brown hair and just be less dramatic.


The dye I used was from Elements (the shop behind Wilkinson’s in Poole shopping centre). It’s called Directions and the colour I got is Carnation Pink. It cost £4.50 which was quite a big commitment for me because I’ve made a vow to only spend £50 on beauty this year (read about the £50 Beauty Challenge here). This is the first and only purchase I’ve made and I’m one month in so I’m on track so far!

However…. I’ve since found it for less online so you might want to buy it there if you don’t live in Poole.







So…. HOW TO:

  • Wash your hair and partially dry it
  • Apply about 1/3 – 1/2 of the pot. It’s a gel-like consistency so you can just use your fingers to squash it into your hair and drag out the excess. It looks pretty gross but I left quite a bit in to make the colour nice and bright
  • Leave it for about 20 minutes for the colour to take
  • Wash it out (careful to use an old towel throughout this). However, I’ve generally found it was very good at not coming off on towels or clothes after this initial rinse
  • Over the next two weeks it will slowly wash out so try to use colour friendly shampoo and avoid over-washing






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