Draft excluder for free – Simple DIY!

DIY Mogul Sinead is back, and this time she’s got a brand new birthday sewing machine….. her latest DIY post for the super simple footstool upcycle left her with a bit of extra fabric so here’s her genius solution…..



Her walk in wardrobe has a big gap underneath (as you can see in the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos below. So….. what better opportunity to see how much she could remember from GCSE textiles ten years ago! This excluder took 5 mins and literally cost nothing – pretty awesome!


It is made using scrap metal from the DIY Couture Footstool post:

* Cut a long rectangle

* Fold it in half and sew along the join and one short edge

* Turn it inside out

* Stuff it with old pyjamas or fabrics

* Sew along the final edge (you can hand sew if you want it not to show)

* Tie some twine around the ends to give shape and add a couple of hand-sewn stitches to secure it

* Enjoy!


She also decided to keep the edge that gave the fabric name showing as a feature – I love it! Really unusual touch.







If you have a cool DIY you’d like to submit just snap a couple of pictures and I’ll gladly include it!



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