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logoOver the next six weeks I’m going to be participating in the Fast Diet Kitchen 5:2 Summer Challenge! After all the ‘Beach Body Ready’ drama I’m reluctant to say I’m preparing for summer in particular, but I have been a bit out of my exercise routine since returning from Thailand and want to get back into it. So, I’m going to be aiming to tone up and be my best self ready to strut in a bikini!

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For me weight loss isn’t a priority, I just want to get some definition back. So…. I’ve rejoined my gym, been going to regular Body Pump classes, and working on the 30-Day-Ab challenge via their mobile app. In addition, when Fast Diet Kitchen approached me for a collaboration I was thrilled to agree!

I’ve tried the 5:2 a few times in the past and always found it very effective, and surprisingly manageable, but now I’m living at home and not cooking for myself I’ve fallen off the bandwagon. Check out my previous posts on Why I’m Trying the 5:2 Diet, and Staying Motivated on the 5:2 Diet.


As you may know the 5:2 is where for 2 (non consecutive) days a week you only eat around 500 calories, and the rest of the week you eat normally. It’s my diet of choice because it leaves you guilt free for the majority of your life – able to go to dinners, parties, etc – and so I find it much more sustainable. The idea is to do 5:2 for weight loss and 6:1 forever for health benefits. There’s a lot of scientific evidence that it does things like preventing cancer… but I couldn’t really comment on that!

So, a little about the Fast Diet Kitchen… they are a mail order food company so will post you healthy and simple ‘ready meals’ (although not in the traditional sense of the word) that you can heat up and enjoy on your ‘2’ days. The calories are clearly displayed so each you you get one soup and one main meal. The range is huge from risotto to curry to meatballs and all looks amazing! In terms of pricing, for a 12 week plan it’s only £4.75 per day (i.e. 4 dishes per week). I think that’s an awesome bargain and makes the whole thing really sustainable!

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Sign up for the Fast Diet Kitchen Summer Ready challenge here to get regular updates and motivation from all their bloggers, plus a special 6 week deal price!

have you ever tried the 5:2? comment below!

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