Fighting rain with china print




I found this super soft t-shirt on the Waggy Tails charity shop sale rail for just £1.75! It’s M&S so is a really soft cotton with an almost velvet/suede feel. It’s a size 12 but I love the fit and the print is so cheery I couldn’t resist. It reminds me of a China plate with a hint of purple and turquoise that most of the ‘china print’ trend items don’t have.


china print


Image credit: Notice magazine blog

I added light jeans and boots to give it a Spring feel (I know it’s Autumn but I’d much rather pretend it’s Spring!).

White and china print tshirt – £1.75 – Waggy tails charity shop sale, Ashley Road, Poole

Light jeans – not bloggable – Vestkanttorget flea market, Oslo

Light brown heeled boots – £2 – Bellevue flea market, Sweden






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