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Today I’m handing over to Faye for a guest post from her awesome nail art blog! It’s called Nail Skeeters and they do gorgeous and fun but attainable nail art – a must read! So, let’s hand over to Faye for a simple but effective tutorial…….
Hi Guys,



So stoked to by able to post on one of my favorite blogs!! I love shopping in charity shops and am a firm believer that £5 is enough to get something awesome!! This may be the reason i love Barry M Products so much as they are almost all under a fiver!



So the only nail product I will consistently spend more than £5 on is the Sally Hansen range for my base and top coats. The Hard as nails has just come down to £4.75 in Boots and the Drys Instantly is £5.99 which is totally worth the extra £1!



So, I am doing a tape mani today, which is super easy but quite time consuming. Firstly use the hard as nails, maybe a few coats and your base, depending on how much time you have to let them dry. Then paint on a coat of pink (this is the Barry M limited edition Neon Pink, which was part of the ‘spend £6 and get a free nail varnish’ deal) IT was quite shear so i needed to d a few coats, but if u get a pink that covers in one, then that would be better. Wait for it to dry COMPLETELY otherwise you will peal off your bottom colour with it! Disaster!



Then put the tape on and paint your second colour over the top (this is Barry M Gelly, Guava)! Make sure you peel off the tape straight away, and you should be left with a clean straight line. Wait for that to dry and then repeat with your final colour (Barry M Limited edition from 2012, bought on ebay for under a fiver!). Once this is mostly dry you can top it off with a coat of Sally Hansen Drys Instantly. Not too soon or you will smudge it.



Clean up the edged with a bit of cotton wool dipped in nail varnish – just a little piece, or if you leave it to dry then u can pretty much pick it off your fingers the next day! (Half the fun!)



Give it a try! There is so many ways to use tape on our nails, much more complicated or much simpler!



Pop over to for more like this!



Thanks so much to Louise for letting me post on the blog! 🙂

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