How to compete with Gucci?

Today I helped to host an exclusive VIP event at work where most people were wearing shoes costing more than I make in a year! So how do you compete when you have to wear black and you’re committed to a blog…? I say – if you can’t beat them, outdo them. So, I made my own mini statement by wearing this outfit….

Black wrap dress – £1 – the charity shop opposite Julia’s House in Poole (name TBC!)
Gold butterfly necklace – £1 – Miss Selfridge sale
Black velvet shoes – Primark (too expensive to blog but still cheaper than Louboutins!)
Bow on shoes – 20p – Vietnam market – glued on by my wonderful Dad!
Makeup – white eye liner, Maybelline Dream Mousse blush (love this!), MAC Carefree eyeshadow, Rimmel Lash Maxxx mascara, Bobbi Brown Porcelain Creamy Concealer. Rimmel Staymatte pressed powder.

And little did they know how much cleverer I feel than them……

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