How to get amazing shoes on eBay – secret tips!

Buying shoes on eBay can be a bit of a mixed bag and I’ve had plenty of failures in my time. But… lots of people have been requesting this post so here goes!


Here’s a few of my finds from over the years:


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Start with boots

I find eBay especially good for boots as if you buy them in the summer you can get a total steal! As they’re so expensive normally you tend to be able to get a better saving than with heels or flats.


Be wary of postage costs

You can get heaps of shoes for 99p but often the postage is £8. To be honest, the sellers are mostly not ripping you off as postage is pretty expensive for heavy and bulky shoes. Don’t get accidentally sucked in by the sale price!


Make sure you see the sole and heel

These areas will be the most worn down so I’d be cautious of buying any where you can’t see the heel tip. It’s quite likely they’re selling them because they can’t be bothered to re-heel them!


Know the brand sizing

Shoes vary in size hugely in my experience so I normally try to stick to brands which I know match my foot sizing well. That way they’re as likely as possible to fit well. Which leads me onto my next point…


Have realistic expectations

I keep my eBay shoe purchase prices even lower than my clothes ones as the odds of them being uncomfortable or not fitting quite right are pretty high. So, you either need to have not spent much, or love them enough that you’ll wear them regardless of comfort (which is normally the bracket I fall into!).

Be patient

Don’t get too competitive and rushed – spend a long time browsing and only bid on things you DEFINITELY want. It’s very easy to get a bit ‘bid happy’ and end up with far too much. Trust me, I’ve done it too – you’re much better off being fussy and holding out for the right item at the right price.


Be eBay search savvy

And of course, with ANY eBay search you should read my eBay tips on how to get the cheapest results.

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  1. alligatortoe June 18, 2014 / 11:47 PM

    These are awesome tips!! And you have so many amazing shoes from Ebay! 🙂

    • pauperintoprincess June 19, 2014 / 7:53 AM

      Thanks! It’s been requested loads so thought I’d better give the people what they want 😀

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