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This week I was lucky enough to interview Jennifer Georgeson (below), the founder of JustSoShop.com, and hear all about their awesome work. I’m always keen to discover new ethical businesses and this one combines supporting women, education, recycling, and fashion all in one – winner!

This is what it means to be a #startup, modelling your own #ethicalfashion

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The idea behind JustSoShop is that even though most of the world now (thankfully) has free healthcare and education, there are still some hidden costs associated with these. For example, it’s great that your kids can go to school for free, but if you can’t afford uniforms and bus fares you could be faced with the impossible choice of choosing which of your children get to go. The aim of JustSoShop is to economically empower women to earn a living for giving their family a brighter future. 

And how do they do this you might ask? Well, they partner with women’s groups around the world who are creating artisan products, work with them to get the designs and quality to a commercial standard, and then sell them via JustSoShop.com to lucky people like you and me. I’ve chosen my favourite products at the end, but check out their site for the full range, and just wait until you see the Christmas releases!

Stand out a little… with Savvanah Chic’s unusual and distinctive African star #necklace

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This site demonstrates to me one of the best things about the internet and globalisation. We hear so many negative reports of internationalisation leading to the death of local traditional dress, and the internet damaging our kids’ minds, but this is a beautiful example of using a simple website to give vulnerable women’s groups global reach. There is a huge demand from the makers for a wider market, higher prices, and new customers, and there’s also a growing desire from customers to know their products’ supply chain, whilst having unique and beautiful products. And hey – we’ve got it! The thing I love most about JustSoShop is that their products are ethnic looking, but still very contemporary. I often buy things when I’m travelling that make sense at the time but just look ridiculous when I bring them back to grey old England… but these goodies just bring a little bit of sunshine with them… without not too much ‘Gap Yah’!  

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Finally, I asked Jen what commissions the website take and was stunned when she said 20% (and most of this is reinvested back into growth grants for the womens’ groups). As a business student I know how tiny this cut is, and it means that the women are getting pretty much direct Western prices – quite astounding considering the supply chain that normally exists between maker and consumer!


And, what’s next for JustSoShop? Well, of course Jen has no plans to sit still – her next stop is Ethiopia to get their world famous silversmithing on the site, and then they’d like to reach 40 countries longer term. Go Jen!


So, if you’ve been hunting for ethical clothing that is actually stylish, or you’ve got someone who you never know what to buy for their birthday, JustSoShop is your place. Check out all the real life stories on the site, and drool at the catalogue. Enjoy!


Pictured: Chitenge Backpack, Rolfe & Wills Tea Towels, WomenWeave Navy Scarf, Rolfe & Wills Bone China Mugs, Savannah Chic Lucky 7 Bangle, Khama Crochet Clutch


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by JustSoShop, all opinions and words my own. 

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