Last day of Lent…..

Guess what…. today is the LAST DAY OF LENT!! Woooo hooo.

I gave up shopping this year and it sure has been tough. But I’ve survived – no eBay, no shoes, no clothes, no nail varnish – life was pretty hard.

But now comes the good bit…. I can decide what I want to do with all the money I’ve saved. I think it probably works out at about £150 for the 40 days so I’ve decided to put all of it toward my dream – Find Me Charity. It’s a charity shop I’m starting up, and I’m trying to put aside a little bit of money each month towards it so when I graduate and start working on it full time I’ll have some capital lined up. This money is going to make a huge difference to the size of that pot, and I’m so proud of myself for making it this far.

Follow the progress on the Find Me Charity facebook page

You can also see a Find Me photoshoot sneak preview here.

I hope you agree this is a good way to spend the money – much more sensible than just blowing it on something expensive.

Having said that… I will be posting a celebratory ‘charity shop haul’ post asap from a mammoth Ashley Road charity shopping trip tomorrow. 


If you want to see the ‘wish list’s I’ve been posting for when I’m finished (in less than a week!) then check them out below:

* Post lent wish list – Leather

Post lent wish list – Angora

Post lent wish list – Midi dresses

Post lent wish list – Barry M


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