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In this section I wanted to share with you some of the courses and websites that I’ve used to get to the point of earning online and travelling full time. For me they’ve created opportunities I never would have dreamed of! For the past year three years I’ve been living abroad and travelling all the world, and building a largely passive online income. You don’t need any technical skills (I certainly don’t have any!), just some passion and a willingness to learn. So here goes – here are my top learning resources…


Courses I’ve Taken


Master Digital Photography

Master Digital Photography – A really comprehensive course on everything from composition to photoshop. This is where I finally learnt what all the buttons do on my camera and boy am I glad I did! It’s a super practical course and is beautifully filmed so a joy to watch.

Take the course: Master Digital Photography


Affiliate Marketing for Passive Income

Earn Online with Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing (getting commission when you sell someone else’s products online) has become a big part of my income. This course isn’t the most dynamically presented (#understatement) but it’s packed with content and starts right at the beginning. The teacher shows you inside his own affiliate accounts so you can see exactly what to do and how to reproduce it. I’m a big fan of anything that talks in ‘human’ instead of tech language and this certainly does that. You won’t be bamboozled if you’re totally new so go ahead and get stuck in!

Take the course: Earn Online with Affiliate Marketing


Teaching on Udemy

Creating a video course on Udemy is great because it can be really quick and pays back immediately. I made my first course in less than a week and the sales started coming in straight away. I’ve now got about 10 courses and it’s a totally passive income. I started off by taking two courses; ‘How to create a Udemy course in 5 days or less’ and ‘$30,000 a month from Udemy’. Both give really practical advice on how to ‘hack’ the system and get ranked highly as soon as you launch. I also wrote a blog post about How I Earn and Travel Using Udemy.


How To Create a Udemy Course in 5 Days or Less Part Time – a practical reminder that we all have something we can teach and it needn’t take months. If you simply set yourself a deadline and put some time aside you absolutely can make a course in 5 days. I’ve done it multiple times, and so have many others. However, a LOT of other Udemy instructors spend months crafting the perfect course and procrastinating. I prefer to get stuck in, and if people start buying it you can make it longer/better/more detailed. Test the topic popularity BEFORE you invest 6 months of your life into creating a word perfect script.

Take the course – Creating a Udemy Course in 5 Days


How I Make 30,000 Dollars A Month from Udemy – this course is taught by basically the ‘King’ of Udemy who makes crazy money on it and is everyone’s poster boy. Part of that is because his is the go-to Udemy course that every new teacher takes, but the thing I like about this course are the straight talking practical tips. It’s regularly updated and he’s quick to answer questions. You’ll have to look past the Northern British accent, but it’s packed with practical content to help you start off on the right foot. Without these tips you could easily be one of the instructors who makes a great course and gets buried in the search rankings by never getting off the starting blocks. It’s all about a big start to create self-perpetuating income.

Take the course – Make $30,000 Per Month on Udemy


Tools I Love


Nomad List

This site was actually how we got our start, and we still use it on a regular basis. How it works is that they rank every city in the world (pretty much) by “quality of life for Nomads”. Things like safety, wifi speed, cost of accommodation, availability of co-working space, party scene, and attitudes to women. Then all the numbers combine to create a global ranking of each city. The cost estimates aren’t always perfect but I suppose every city has a blend of prices so it’s just an estimate. Definitely worth checking out if you’re trying to decide where to head next (or first!).



Even though I mentioned earlier that Facebook groups have their downsides, they are also great for getting advice and tips. There will be tonnes of meetups posted, and there is a group for pretty much everything. In Chiang Mai especially you’ll see groups for SEO Experts, Vloggers, Crossfit, Nomad Girls, Clothes Swaps etc etc. Join as many as interest you and start connecting with people!


Freelance or Teaching sites

Of course the Nomad Dream is to build a passive income – meaning a product, service or company that makes money without needing to be maintained. For me that’s been Udemy which has been an absolute life changer. However, those things generally take a while (sometimes even years) to create and grow, so in the meantime you’ll need some cash coming in. Upwork (and other similar sites like Outsourcely) is amazing for finding freelance work. Whether you can write, code, design, edit, draw, translate, or any other skill – you can sell it on there. There are also specific niche sites for things like voiceover work, coders, logo designers etc, so spread yourself around lots of options. If you can speak a second language teaching on Lingoci is great, or check out my database of online places to find work.

If you’re going to freelance then you might need to start off with your hourly rate quite low, but have patience and know your worth – you’ll soon be flying. Sites like Upwork do get a lot of stick for being full of low paying employers, so if you’re finding that then check out Outsourcely which costs the employer more to sign up to so tends to have high higher quality leads.


If there are any other tools you guys would recommend then comment below and let me know! Exciting things are popping up all the time 🙂 Happy travels!


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