Mastering Spring Office Wear Layers


As per usual in the UK, we are still having the most bizarre and confusing weather. I’ve been layering to the max to try and give as much flexibility for rain, sun, hail, or wind. As you may know, I am self employed and work from home. However, I do occasionally go into an office to meet with a client, and so when I do I want to make sure I feel extra confident and on top of my game… and so I thought I’d share one of my current favourite outfits with you. Of course it’s all thrifted or bargain-tastic. Enjoy!

paupertoprincess_thrifted_shoreditch_13 copy

I’m so into the more unusual layering trends at the moment – tshirt under dress, shirt under top, blouse under jumpsuit etc. It move things on from just top-cardigan-coat layering and into a playful statement style instead. It’s ideal for crazy weather, and makes you look like you ‘toats know about fashion’ in one swift move. Winning!

paupertoprincess_thrifted_shoreditch_15 copy

When I put this peplum with my leather-look trousers I didn’t want to ensemble to be too black, so I added the striped shirt for an extra bit of variety. I particularly love how the 3D details on the top and the mismatched strips of the shirt create so many levels of detail without needing a single accessory!

paupertoprincess_thrifted_shoreditch_14 copy

This super long waistcoat gives me immediate power thrills when I wear it. It floats behind like a train and I constantly feel like I’m walking into a meeting and owning the place. I honestly walk twice as fast just to get maximum wind machine bad ass feels. It’s also perfect for spring as it’s sleeveless (although I have been wearing it over sweater etc too when it was a bit cooler).

paupertoprincess_thrifted_shoreditch_18 copy

Black 3D peplum – £2.99 – eBay

Black and white striped shirt – £1 – Birmingham carboot sale

Taupe waistcoat jacket – £10 – M&S Outlet popup shop in Poole

Black ankle boots – £4 – Lama’s Pyjama’s charity shop, Bethnal Green, London

Leather look leggings – £7 – M&S Outlet popup shop in Poole

Red fake Chanel bag – £10 – Koh Lanta market, Thailand

paupertoprincess_thrifted_shoreditch_19 copy

I did add one teeny pop of colour with my fake Chanel handbag… when paired with all monochrome it’s even more attention grabbing (in a good way!).

Really hope you liked the outfit! I’d love to hear how you’re handling this mad weather in the comments below. I’ve been doing lots of advice and travel pieces lately so let me know if you’d prefer me going back to more outfit posts or what you favourite things are to read! Thanks so much, as always, for the support. xoxo

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  1. Cydney June 2, 2016 / 8:23 PM

    How have I been handling this weather? Wearing a cardigan and hoping it doesn’t rain or vie covers a wearing a jumper or cost and hoping it doesn’t get hot haha I don’t really have much in my wardrobe I can layer atm, I think that calls for another charity shop spree

    • paupertoprincess June 2, 2016 / 10:51 PM

      Haha – I feel ya! Packing umbrella, sunglasses and a coat is just not right!! And yes please – let’s book in a thrift 🙂

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