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UPDATE – they raised $13,000 and so are no longer taking any donations. Thank you for all your support. We made a difference!! 

Evening beauties.

A slightly different post from normal today… I wanted to offer you an opportunity to empty your (e)pocket!

I often see something on the news and would like to give to the cause, but am skeptical about admin costs, bribery in the destination country, bureaucrat salaries, and how the money is REALLY spent. Having travelled a lot, you really see how cheap things like food and water for aid can really be, and you wonder if it’d be more effective just to buy things directly and give it to the poor!

So when I saw a friend was in Nepal, and had started accepting donations to support those suffering the after-effects of the earthquake, I immediately set up a donation. As a result of the low cost of living, if you donate $1, you actually will be making a difference directly. I can personally vouch for him, and the work he’s doing out there. There’s no big charity fees, or infrastructure bribery to go through – he’s simply buying food, water and supplies for people desperately in need.


All you do is send as much or little as you want to his paypal: 

This is only open for the new few days, so if you do want to donate then send it over asap, and just mark it as ‘Nepal Donation’ or something to that effect. I’ve always been a fascinated supporter of micro funding, and sending entrepreneurial/charitable donations directly to the recipient. There’s lots of new startups revolving around this like, and I’ve been keeping a close eye on them!



thank you for all your support



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