New music?

Hello lovelies!

As promised (ages ago!) I’m going to occasionally give a shout out to some new bands/singers I’m loving…. then you can support upcoming artists and look cool staying ahead of the curve.


You can read my last upcoming artists post here.


Today’s list is random and varied as always!…..

Laura Welsh – I’ve always loved Hollow Drum, but have just discovered Unravel as well which is amazing!

Lemaitre – I defy you to sit still while you listen to Iron Pyrite!

Tori Kelly – if you fancy some smiley, good-teeth, American acoustic guitar then Tori is where it’s at! Check out All in my Head.

BastilleIcarus is just so easy to hit repeat on.

Random addition……this super cool remix of Jupiter – Oh I – LOVING it

Not ‘new music’ but very amazing…. Macklemore’s album The Heist (especially Make the Money, Can’t Hold Us, and Same Love

paupertoprincess macklemore music

paupertoprincess tori kelly music

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