New Segment: How I Earn Money Online and Travel the World

Hi thrifties,

Today I’m going be sharing with you a whole new side of my life, which I hope you’ll find both useful and exciting. As you may have noticed if you follow me on Instagram I am currently in Bali, and have spent a large proportion of this year living in South East Asia (#sorrynotsorry to all my jealous followers!). A lot of people think that I’ve quit my job and gone travelling, but that’s not at all the case. My boyfriend and I have joined the rapidly growing community of ‘Digital Nomads’ – people who work online and simply follow WiFi around the world. It’s not all sunbathing and coconut cocktails as Instagram implies, there’s a LOT of laptop screen time and plenty of instability, but I absolutely love it and we’ve met tonnes of inspiring people already.

Working hard with my girl @christabelsb on the balcony #digitalnomad #itsahardlife

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So – I can practically hear you asking “How do you make money online?? I want to do it!” Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to be talking about over the course of my next few blog posts. I’ll still be bringing you stacks of bargain outfits and ethical fashion brands, but I’ll be dropping in a few tips and tricks too for building a self-employed, remote working income too. Hope that’s OK with you all!

As a sneak peek seeing as you’ve read this far… I have 3 main income streams: creating e-learning videos for Udemy, earning through Affiliate Links, and of course make a little bit here and there from this blog (all thanks to you awesome readers BTW!).

So, I really hope you guys are going to find these posts useful – I’d love inspire some of you to come out and join me on this adventure, or tick some things off your travel bucket list. It’s something I really didn’t think was an option for me seeing I don’t know how to do web design or coding, which tends to be the main freelance route of choice…. but I was wrong – it totally is possible and I’m living proof!

Comment below if you’ve got any questions, or if you’ve done something similar, and keep an eye out for my first update. Love ya!


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  1. Kezzie October 1, 2015 / 10:17 PM

    Selamat malam!
    I lived in Bali for a year (studying music there on a scholarship) so sent it my love please!? Where are you staying there? I lived in Denpasar and my accommodation cost me 300,000Rp a month! Your tips sound great!x

    • paupertoprincess October 2, 2015 / 5:30 AM

      Hi! We’re living in Canggu and it’s gorgeous 🙂 Would definitely like to explore more of Bali!!

    • paupertoprincess October 3, 2015 / 3:19 AM

      Oooo yay I’m so glad! Means a lot to have support from you guys to do something else as well as outfits

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