No Make Up Selfies – Pledge!!

Good morning beautiful ladies!

I often address my friends as ‘beautiful’ or ‘gorgeous’ but today I mean it even more than ever.

This viral trend for ‘no makeup selfies’ has had its fair share of positive and negative press, so I thought I’d throw in my two cents. Obviously, money raised for charity = good….. but I’m skeptical of any additional awareness being raised for cancer – I’m pretty sure the stats that 1/3 women in the USA will get cancer (Medscape) means people are pretty ‘aware’. However, for me the biggest awareness that’s been raised is how amazing all my friends look barefaced! Of course I expect the majority of them think they look terrible and that makes me wonder…. I think I look pretty rough without makeup on but maybe this is just my own self delusion and I look as nice as they do! (ps this is not a cry for you to all compliment me – promise!)

So…. I’d like to take this opportunity to make a change and cut back on my makeup routine. Honestly, I’m not going to be going barefaced 24-7 from now on, but I would like to stop using foundation on a daily basis, and cut back on blusher, powder and eyeliner. I’ll always be a beauty addict and I think it’s great fun to play around with different colours and products, but I’d also like my basic routine to be a bit more minimal (and I know my boyfriend will approve as guys find makeup positively unattractive in my experience). I’m planning under eye and spot concealer, a slick of creamy blush, brown mascara, and a teeny bit of anti shine powder.

I’ve also heard several reports of people saying if they don’t wear makeup they get constantly asked if they’re ill – let’s try and be a bit more conscious of what we’re saying and think before we speak…? Girl power comes from a group right!

Will any of you be joining me? Can we make a lasting female empowerment change from what has been argued to be a ‘frivolous bandwagon’ viral trend?

Photo on 21-03-2014 at 10.09

(p.s. this photo is unedited/unfiltered, and the first one I took – let’s not make each other extra insecure by choosing the best of 100 and pretending that’s how we really look!)

Text ‘beat’ to 70007 to donate £3 for breast cancer

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  1. Natalie March 21, 2014 / 4:19 PM

    I completely agree! I barely wear make-up (only when I’m going out or if I look particularly tired) and honestly, I get A LOT of compliments when I do wear make-up because the contrast is amazing and people can see that I’m making an effort! I love findings different products (recently bought Boots No7 foundation which I luuurrve) but the natural look is definitely the hottest. Like you said – girl power!

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