OOTD – Airport to… Birthday Party

Not very long ago I was faced with the all too common fashion dilemma of going straight from an airport to a party… what to do!?


As you may know I am a huge playsuit fan for their versatility as a smart/casual look. So, this day was no exception. I opted for a black stretch fabric playsuit as the base.


For the flight I paired it with a loose fitting slouchy baby blue top to keep warm in the aircon and give a more casual feel. Of course flats are a must for travelling, and then I cinched it in with my favourite wide gold waist belt. I love having tops half tucked in at the front because you maintain the shabby loose feel but still keep your waistline – it’s basically a homemade dropped hem!

Black catsuit – £1 – Vestkanttorget flea market, Oslo

Light blue slouch top – £1 – British Heart Foundation charity shop, Swindon

Gold wide metal belt – £4.49 – Ebay (link!)

Gold hoop necklace – £1 – Vestkanttorget flea market, Oslo

Black pumps – (not bloggable – £6) – H&M


2012-12-27 12.58.05

2012-12-27 12.58.18


Then for the party I simply took of the blue top and added a pair of killer heels! The catsuit was party appropriate with a low neckline and matching gold jewellery.

Black catsuit – £1 – Vestkanttorget flea market, Oslo

Gold wide metal belt – £4.49 – Ebay (link!)

Gold hoop necklace – £1 – Vestkanttorget flea market, Oslo

Mink and neon heels – (not bloggable – £7) – New Look sale



2012-12-27 12.59.04

2012-12-27 12.59.09

2012-12-27 12.59.17

2012-12-27 12.59.26

2012-12-27 12.59.51


The final touch was some extra eyeliner. I love to do smokey eyes with the MAC liquid eyeliner pen (it’s like a felt pen so super accurate) and the Rimmel pastel eyeliner which has a smudger at one end to get a nice smokey eye. These pens are both really compact and totally transform my makeup into a night look.

MAC ‘marked for glamour’ super slick liquid eyeliner – (not bloggable – £17) – link

Rimmel exaggerate eyeliner in Noir – £3.99 – link

2012-12-27 13.00.03



Do you have and travel fashion tips to pass on?

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