Rihanna loves Flea Markets

My favourite thing about clothes is you can be a totally different person when you wear them. So today I am channeling Rihanna and acting way more cool than I really am!
The Boy London brand was huge in the seventies with a punk following including Madonna and Andy Warhol. But now it’s making a comeback and every one from Rihanna to Jessie J is being seen it. Of course, you don’t get that kind of ‘cool factor’ for free so a Boy London vest retails at £35. But… I managed to find a pretty good alternative made by MTWTFSS Weekday which would cost about £20 new for only £2 in a flea market in Gothenberg.

So, I hope it inspires you to go to a flea market/car boot and buy something you wouldn’t normally get – if it’s cheap you can just have fun experimenting with your personality!! Can’t wait to wear this to my hiphop class and pretend I’m cool!

BOY black long vest top – £2 – Bellevue flea market, Gothenberg, Sweden
Black ladder leggings – £1 – Kviberg flea market, Gothenberg, Sweden
Black leather ankle boots – £1 – Taby flea market, Stockholm, Sweden – read an amusing DIY tale about these beauties here

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