Splurge Friday – Denman Porcupine Brush

Until now I’ve only ever used really cheap hairbrushes from Claire’s Accessoires or Primark, but when I came across a chance to try a real Denman brush I was really looking forward to it. Denman is such as well know brush brand so I knew I was in safe hands, and had pretty high expectations.

I went for the Porcupine style as I sometimes find those vintage bristle brushes you see around as too spikey on my skin. Also, as my hair is quite fine it does get pretty knotted. So, I thought the Porcupine was a good balance because each bristle has a strong plastic one and then some softer ones surrounding it.

I’ve been using this brush for about a month now as I don’t like to review things just based on first impressions….

It took me a bit of while to get used to because I found it so painfree I didn’t believe it was actually doing very much. But, now I’ve used it for a bit longer I’ve entirely given up my old hairbrush and just use this one. Having said that, I do brush underneath my hair as well as on top now (which I didn’t used to do) just to make sure it’s reached everything. Think might be unnecessary  OR it might mean it wouldn’t suit thicker hair – it really depends on whether I’m being irrational or not!

But overall, it’s certainly almost pain free (a significant improvement from my last brush) and does leave my hair feeling nice and soft. I’m pretty sure it breaks a lot less strands too because it’s gentler so that’s got to be good.


p.s. I’ve also discovered that it’s AMAZING for back brushing – great find!


I think I might be a Denman convert…..


denman_porcupine denman_porcupine




This brush costs £12.26 and you can buy it on the Denman Website here, or the the stockist phone number is 0800262509.

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