Summer – is that you??

Is anyone else counting down the minutes until summer??
Last week I was away in Egypt (vlog coming soon) and it’s definitely got my sunshine bug activated. I’ve been basking in every peek of shine through the London clouds and I can’t wait to break out my full on summer wardrobe. I’ve got a really exciting summer of travel lined up, all of which will be vlogged on my YouTube channel, but to get you in the mood here’s a nice summery outfit of the day…
I got this playsuit for £1 (I know right!?!?!) from Digbeth carboot in Birmingham. My Mum and I were visiting my Grandparents and when we drove past and spotted it was on we immediately parked up and went in for a browse. Gotta love a Mum who understanding my thrifting addiction! It’s originally from Boohoo and I absolutely love the tropical print and the cut – the waist is soooo flattering.
We found these really cute brightly coloured doors around the corner from our flat in Brick Lane and I was super thrilled with how these pictures came out. Clearly Ed’s #instagramboyfriend skills are on the way up. If you’re interested, I use a Sony a65 for my photography and a tiny bit of photoshop.

This week I was very kindly send these sunglasses for review by GlassesShop. They specialise in prescription glasses, but I knew I wanted to get something summery instead. When I ordered these sunglasses I had no idea they were a two in one! The lenses are magnetic – so serve the same purpose as those lame old man flip up ones (which no doubt hipsters will be bringing back before long) but without the flip. You’d need to be really careful to keep the sunglasses bit safe when it’s detached (i.e. in a hard case) but I think they’re such a cool innovation! I spend ages battling between sunglasses and glasses when I’m reading on holiday, and the gradual fade light sensitive glasses always look slightly off-brown to me and seem to swap at the most random times. This is such a good solution! The also let you ‘try’ the glasses on by uploading a picture of yourself, and you can see how the looked on previous people who’ve tried them which I found super helpful. Check them out for cheap glasses.

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Last but not least – my shoes! These are one of my all time favourite charity shop finds – silver metallic Vans for just £4. What a win.



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