Diary of Thrifted Outfits

For the last two months I’ve been living in Chiang Mai (Thailand) and, as always, wearing almost entirely thrifted outfits. It’s been an enforced capsule wardrobe for me as I’ve only got 20kgs of suitcase space – eek! I’m… View Post

Kon Mari Method

This is a post I’ve been dying to write for the last few months. As any self confessed thrifter will know, keeping on top of your clutter (aka beloved pride and joy wardrobe) can be a bottomless task. I’ve tried… View Post

Summer – is that you??

Is anyone else counting down the minutes until summer?? Last week I was away in Egypt (vlog coming soon) and it’s definitely got my sunshine bug activated. I’ve been basking in every peek of shine through the London… View Post

All Aboard Charity Shop Look Book

As some of you may know I’m currently living in London, and whilst I am sorely missing the warm sands of Thailand, the exciting side is that I get to work with some fantastic British brands while I’m… View Post

Thrifted Faux Fur Winter Lookbook

Hellllooooo everyone! Today I wanted to share with you some fantastic (if I may say so myself) photos that a photographer friend of mine (Greg @ TP Photography) created. I thought I’d showcase some of my faux fur collection… View Post


This week I was thrilled to be invited to do a guest post on the Barnardos new blog – The Thrift. Purely for research purposes (as if!) I bought a head to toe outfit in my local Barnardos… View Post

My Top 5 #hiddengems for Bournemouth

Travelodge got in touch this week to ask for my Bournemouth #hiddengems – and although I travel the world pretty much non-stop there really is no place like home. I live slightly outside of Bournemouth, in Poole, so was… View Post