New Music – Ryan Keen

Check this out…. – some lovely emotional acoustic guitar. It’s perfect for an ipod walk through town. This kind of music just makes my heart swell and I want to dance along the street – it’s not super… View Post

New music?

Hello lovelies! As promised (ages ago!) I’m going to occasionally give a shout out to some new bands/singers I’m loving…. then you can support upcoming artists and look cool staying ahead of the curve.   You can read… View Post

Teenbook – Featuring Me!

I’ve done a blog post for Teenbook online magazine so check it out 🙂 It features some of my top shopping destinations and favourite blog looks as well as a bit of ‘about me’.   They’re a… View Post

Today’s confession

Today’s guilty music crush is….. JLS – ‘Hottest Girl in the World’ I am ashamed but I just love it. It’s so nineties and I can’t resist it! The video has that cool Ed Sheeran inspired feel, and… View Post