My Top 5 #hiddengems for Bournemouth

Travelodge got in touch this week to ask for my Bournemouth #hiddengems – and although I travel the world pretty much non-stop there really is no place like home. I live slightly outside of Bournemouth, in Poole, so was… View Post

My Thailand Beauty Buys

Hello! As you may know I recently spent two months in Thailand. It’s a country that’s famous for it’s fake designer stuff, but I was surprised to find there was also a lot of fake makeup too. There… View Post

Floating through Chiang Mai OOTD

While we were based in Chiang Mai (Thailand) it was BOILING so trying to stay stylish without melting was an ongoing challenge. This dress was perfect for keeping cool as it was really thin chiffon which swept dramatically behind… View Post

My beach bag essentials

Summer is DEFINITELY here now, and so I thought you guys might like to know what I always make sure I’ve got with me by the beach. Seeing as I’m based in Poole I’m pretty much a full time… View Post

Daily Vitamins – Good or Bad?

I’ve always thought taking vitamins was a waste of time and you should just get everything you need from your diet… but recently I’ve been experimenting and I’d love your thoughts! I’ve suffered for most of my life… View Post

Poundland Makeup Review

I’ve been meaning to try the makeup at Poundland for a while now – of course as a super thrifty bargain hunter I’m often picking things up there, and bargain makeup is always a good idea! However, I’m… View Post