The Election – A Quick Guide on Who To Vote For


I wanted to do a little post on the election for you guys. I think voting is hugely important, and have always been a big supporter of young people getting involved in politics. I think it’s our duty to vote, and not to spoilt our ballot, but to make an educated judgement on who should run our country. I┬áthink all parties are far from perfect, but I want them to make the impossible decisions that I won’t want to!

In case you’re not sure who to vote for, and don’t have time to browse through all the different website and policies, I’ve made a little summary for you (click to enlarge or download!). Of course it doesn’t include everything, and is far from fully comprehensive, but will give you enough of a snap shot that if you weren’t going to vote because it was “too much effort” then hopefully you will now.

Do your duty! (and feel free to share this if you think others will find it useful)

Election 2015 - Quick Guide

I’ve already voted by postal vote (as seen on my Instagram) but always really enjoy going to the polling station on the day if I’m at home.

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are you planning on voting this tomorrow?

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