Thrifting in Tallinn – Simple Blue Dress




All this week I’m being featured on Redress with bargain thrifted outfits from Tallinn. If you like this one check out my Mesh Shirt and Lace Shorts or Orange Lace Cutout Dress. For my long weekend trip to visit the boyf I decided not to pack ANY outfits and just pick up stuff in flea markets and charity shops as I went. It was a really fun challenge and surprisingly easy to find a bunch of great outfits to mix and match. I’d definitely do it again seeing as I normally buy far too much to fit in my suitcase anyway!




This outfit was just a simple Zara bodycon with capped sleeves and a scoop back. It’s lovely thick fabric so is really flattering, and has a few extra panels and seams which help nip in your waist even more. Definitely makes me feel like a million bucks!




This scarf was one of the only things I packed – I ALWAYS take one on trips as they’re so versatile and handy. I use this as an emergency coverup if I’m cold or the sun is too harsh, plus as a decoration on my handbag or on top of a simple outfit like this. This scarf caught my eye immediately at a local fashion show I went to where a local seller had a market stall. It’s a great lilac leopard print and I love how girly and sugary it looks until you see the massive eyes staring at you!





Blue Zara bodycon dress – 2€ – Jaam Balti market, Tallinn

Purple leopard design scarf – £5 – local designer (Bournemouth)


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  1. ivanatarraza July 11, 2014 / 7:13 PM

    I loooove thrifting! Great finds! You did a great job accessorizing the outfit! I’d really appreciate if you check out my fashion blog:

    -xo <3

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