Vogue Worthy Interiors

Since doing my major Kon Mari inspired clear out I’ve been getting a lot more into interior design. I’ve got rid of so much clutter that I finally love my space enough to spend some time on making it perfect. I’ve got rid of a lot of items that I’ve just put up with for years (e.g. a bedside lamp from my childhood) and replaced them with pieces I truly adore.

Of course fashion is my biggest passion, and I recently went to the Vogue 100 Anniversary exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery. I was so swept away that I thought I’d do a Vogue inspired interiors wish list for you!

Art Work

Print website Lumas has got a whole collection dedicated to Vogue and they’re all fabulous. There’s a huge mixture of prints from the back issues, and covers, and it’s amazing how little they’ve aged. I guess fashion really is timeless when it’s done well. I think this black and white beauty is my favourite… but please don’t make me choose!


Soft Furnishings

Society6 has loads of gorgeous cushions to make sure your bed or sofa are super chic. This elegant painted one is one of my favourites. I’d love a selection of different outfits to mix and match in different formations and add some colour.



Any fashionista knows that a wall should be at least 50% mirrors (I have 6 on display in just my bedroom, and I’m not ashamed to say it!). I am seriously contemplating getting one of these vintage Esty Vogue painted mirrors to add to my collection… there’s so many stunning designs! It’s a really fun way to add a vintage touch without looking too cliched or costumey, and I love that it has the date in the corner too.


Final Touches

Of course if you’re going to be #instagramready you’ll need plenty of candles.

My top pick¬†–¬†Disney Princess on a Vogue themed candle? I’m there! (Of course there’s loads of minimalist chic, black /white/rose gold ones on Etsy too, but I’m personally all about the princess vibes).


And of course, a vase for those flatlay peonies or a #shelfie…. I adore this minimalist black and white one.


Just Because

Not even Vogue related… but these tiny ceramic bowls from Etsy are surely the final burst of creativity needed for your perfect Vogue home?


So, that’s it for a few of my favourite Vogue themed interior purchases – what do you think?? Would you theme your room around the iconic fashion brand?

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  1. Faye May 30, 2016 / 3:08 PM

    Love love love the mirror! Vintage/vintage inspired mirrors are my fav – I am so excited to live somewhere a bit more permanently so I can buy myself some of the nice things I have always wanted in my house! Vintagey mirrors are near the top of the list!

    • paupertoprincess May 30, 2016 / 3:11 PM

      I was so impressed how many there were on Etsy and how affordable they were! So so cool <3

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