What are your resolutions?

I don’t normally do resolutions but this year I came across this awesome downloadable poster on the Secret Owl Society and fell in love. I’ve included mine below and those of a couple of other blogging friends to help inspire you. Feel free to download your own here and let me know on facebook what you put in it!


To be in with the best chance of achieving your goals it’s important to set quantifiable milestones and deadlines, so I’ve tried to add as many numbers to my grid as possible. Here are a few of my favourite goals set out in more detail.

My 2016 GOALS

  1. ACHIEVE – Blog brand collaborations – I’d like to work with 10 new brands this year on my Youtube channel and here on Pauper to Princess, so I’m going to be approaching some new PR agencies and sorting out my stats document to send to them.
  2. RELEASE: Twenty New Udemy courses – I’ve been really enjoying helping people make courses in their fields of expertise, so this is something I’d like to really ramp up in 2016. I’ve set myself the goal of 20, which is ambitious, but I’m excited to start working on it. If you know anyone who’d like to make one with my help let me know!
  3. GAIN: Five thousand YouTube subscribers – this is a VERY steep goal but I’m keen to stretch myself. I’m going to be working really hard on my channel over the next few months and hopefully it’ll pay off. I’d like to upload 1 channel a week at least so keep an eye out!
  4. SIMPLIFY – my ‘Kon Mari’ belongings – I recently read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and it really has changed my life. I couldn’t believe how strongly it resonated with me and how much it’s overhauled my thinking. I’m going to do a full blog post review of it soon so look out for that. I’ve already done one massive wave of streamlining my belongings, but I still feel like there’s more to go. Watch out hoarded bedroom mayhem!
  5. PRACTICE: Daily mediation – since my retreat I’ve been a bit lax on doing it every day, but it’s something I’ve been enjoying when I do it so I really want to increase my commitment and get into a habit.
  6. TRAVEL: To seven countries – I wanted to make sure to differentiate between returning to places I love and trying out new ones. Seven may seem like a lot to some people but for me it’s a bit priority right now while I’m lucky to have such freedom. The last minute stays app Overnight is currently running a campaign to get people to pledge to travel more in 2016, and I’m so on board!


You might notice I’ve listed things under specific months. Of course I’ll be doing everything for the whole year once it starts but I think the main problem with this beautiful poster is it in encourages you to take on too much in one go. I’ve given a month to each task where I really focus on getting it off the ground (or indeed achieving it entirely) to avoid getting overwhelmed. You might notice there’s nothing for November and December as I’ve saved them for mopping up anything I’ve missed!


Finally, if you really want this to be the best year of your life you should also break your goals down into weekly and monthly tasks/milestones. e.g. to learn photography I need to choose a method (Udemy, Youtube, workshops) in January, set aside an hour a week in February to learn the skills and an hour a week in March to practise, and so on and so on. I’ve set a start month just to get things started during that month I think I’m going to take this Master Digital Photography course on Udemy as it suits me to be able to learn from home and the reviews look amazing.

I’d suggest writing in your diary what your weekly goals will be to make sure you set aside time for them – just making this lovely poster won’t be enough, you need a solid plan!! I’ve also set it as my desktop background for non stop daily reminders of whether I’m on track.


Fellow blogger 2016 Goals…

Paloma in Disguise

I love this blog – it’s all about charity shopping, sewing and beauty – definitely worth checking out http://www.palomaindisguise.com/


Jessica Anna Revill

Jess’ blog is so cool it hurts – she always looks amazing and blogs about beauty and fashion combined. http://jessicaannarevill.com/ Her snapchat is also hilarious!


Rosie Outlook

Rosie’s blog is full of stylish musings around home, fashion and her adorable dog Bodhi www.arosieoutlook.com ExploringCreatingRelaxing-2

Looking forward to hearing what you all pick as your goals, and maybe I’ll do some updates throughout the year on how mine are going.

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  1. La French Connection January 6, 2016 / 4:59 PM

    My resolutions are to make most of life and just realise how lucky I am rather than always hoping for better!
    Have a great year,

    Mika from La French Connection

    • paupertoprincess January 6, 2016 / 5:10 PM

      Love it! A bit of mindfulness and thankfulness always goes a long way. Great job!

  2. Triin January 20, 2016 / 11:43 AM

    You should check out Passion Planner, it’ll help you break down your goals by days, weeks and months.

    Great post.

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