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As you may know I’ve been having a MAJOR declutter purge recently. I travel so much that I’m hardly ever at my “home” (my parent’s house) where all my remaining belongings live. I can only ever bring one suitcase with me so I’m getting really ruthless at decluttering what’s left behind each time I return. With Christmas coming up (did I just say that?!) there’s all the more reason to clear out some space in your home. If you want some inspiration check out my 30 Day Declutter Challenge posts – it was pretty epic.


This week Ziffit got in touch to ask if I’d review their service and I knew it would be a great chance to shout about how highly I recommend decluttering. I’m increasingly learning that after one round where you feel like you’ve got rid of “everything you don’t need” you start to look at what’s left and feel the urge to do another, deeper, purge. That’s where I’m at, and I’m obsessed!


The deal at Ziffit is that they buy all your CDs, DVDs, Games and Books in a super quick process. You scan the barcodes, take them into a local drop off point (mine was 5 minutes down the road), and get your money in a day or two. Way WAY easier than putting them on eBay, or even bothering to drive to a carboot if you ask me!

They’ve also given me a promo code to get you 15% extra on everything you sell: PAUPER15 


In my epic Marie Kondo clearout I got rid of all but three of my books. I love reading but I don’t get any joy from owning the books, and I never really read something twice. So I just kept #GirlBoss, Mary Portas’ book, and a vintage book picture which features a dress I own. Not sure what that collection says about me! I wish I’d known about Ziffit earlier as probably could’ve made some lovely cash from the piles of stuff I got rid of.


Similarly, I’ve now digitized all my music so I don’t own any CDs, and I only watch films on Netflix etc so am DVD-less too. More goodies waiting to converted into cash.


Are you ready to take the plunge and get rid of all your books, DVDs and CDs? I’ll be cheering you on digitally I promise! Even if you’re not quite ready to get rid of 100% of your library, why not clear out a shelf or two and get some much needed Christmas-cash too? No brainer…


Let me know in the comments how it goes!!



This post is sponsored by Ziffit, but all views are my own

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