£50 Beauty Challenge… Update and Empties

As many of you will know I’m doing a 365 day challenge in which I only spend £50 on beauty! The aim is to use up the mass of products I’ve hoarded and it’s working really well. So far I’m well under budget am really enjoying discovering all the colours and scents that I’ve neglected. Here’s a little roundup of my empties over the past few months and some money saving tips.







I’ve been getting through loads of shower products so my shower shelf is finally under control – I don’t really need more than one shampoo, body wash and conditioner at a time – so that’s the new goal!





I’ve also been using up all the foundation I own that’s the wrong colour…. by mixing it! This Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation was too dark, but I’ve been mixing it with my Stay Matte which was too light, and it’s a brilliant solution. No point keeping makeup that is the wrong colour, but it’s also so hard to throw away something that’s barely used. Here’s your answer!




I absolutely loved this Got2Be dry shampoo (dare I say I preferred it to Batiste…?). I got it in Poundland but haven’t seen it there since – will buy about 10 bottles if I see it again.

The Boiing (Benefit) concealer is really good so I’d certainly recommend that. It’s the closest thing I’ve found to my beloved Creme de la Mer and gives amazing coverage.


New Purchases


Shampoo is something that obviously does get used up and you can’t live without so I’ve been replacing mine with £1 Poundland options…. not great but they’re doing the trick. While using this ‘Supersoft’ one my hair was pretty static, and I recon it’s because of that. Having said that, I just added a drop of argan oil to my wet hair and that seems to work. Plus my bottle of oil lasts FOREVER!


I’ve been getting the rest of my beauty treats from carboots and charity shops to keep costs super low. This blusher was only 50p in Cheshire Box (Ashley Road) and is a really lovely shade of pink. The blue eyeliner was also 50p in Cheshire Box and means I can keep up to date with all the bright eyed trends.


blue eyeliner

I found an ex-Avon seller having a clearout at a carboot so got primer and mascara from her at £1 each! She also had heaps of nail varnish and eye shadows but I was restrained.

At the same carboot I got this fab Barry M Glitter Dust for 50p. It’s really highly pigmented and is normally £5 so I was chuffed.




TOTAL SPEND SO FAR: £14.48 / £50 = 29%

TIME ELAPSED SO FAR: 289 DAYS / 365 = 79%


If you want to see the previous purchases I made that’ve combined into the epic £14.48 you can see my 40% of challenge completed and 20% of challenge completed posts.


Have you been tempted to try it too? I’ve been really surprised at how manageable it is! Although I’m now dying to buy a coral lipstick and lush shampoo bar….

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  1. BeingZhenya May 2, 2014 / 12:22 AM

    How cool! I am doing the same thing this year, but we called it Project Use Up! I don’t do cool posts like you though, I am just keeping a list of everything I use up. Can’t wait to see the final result at the end of the year!

  2. pauperintoprincess May 2, 2014 / 8:33 AM

    Oooo sounds exciting! I was tempted to keep all my empties for the whole year as it’d make an awesome pic – but decided to stop hoarding! haha. A list is a great compromise. Have you been getting through a lot?

  3. thedomesticstoryteller May 5, 2014 / 12:00 PM

    Great post! I really like Got2Be products too, I always use their heat defence spray, it makes my hair soft not sticky.

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