A week of scarves – Day 7


It’s the last day of my one week challenge – but have no fear – this will not mean a scarf-free blog…. I am thoroughly addicted now! I’ve already got plenty more plans for my new tartan scarf especially. It seems to be becoming a theme that I either go for black and white with a coloured scarf accent, or majorly clash everything – I guess I don’t do middle ground very well! Anyway, today is a classic monochrome look with a scarf instead of statement necklace. This t-shirt caught my eye on a charity shop mannequin but I’ve been struggling to wear it because it’s so embellished that you can’t really put a statement necklace on top. Scarf to the rescue!!


White 3D embellished top – £2.50 – Scope charity shop, Ashley Road, Poole

Blue silk scarf (elephant print) – £2 – India

Black sports luxe trousers – £3 – Cheshier Box, Ashley Road, Poole

Black suede boots – not bloggable







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