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As I’m sure you know I absolutely love Barry M (see my Barry M Gelly review here, and my Barry M Glitter review here) and this is a polish I was lusting after during my Lent Shopping Fast. So, now Lent is over I treated myself and went to buy it!










I was kind of on the fence about it at first as I do really like the smooth feeling you get from nice sleek nail polish. But it really grew on me when I added the Barry M Gold glitter. Because the surface was so uneven it made the glitter catch the light really well and it was super sparkly! Plus, because of all the grit in it the coverage is quite thick (it only took one coat) and lasted really well.

I’d definitely wear this again, and might even go out to get some of the other lovely pastel colours. It’s going to be perfect for Spring and Summer now it’s finally stopped raining!

Barry M textured polish in shade Station Road – £3.99

Barry M Gold Glitter paint – £2.99







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  1. BeingZhenya April 30, 2013 / 9:34 PM

    Your manicure looks so nice! My nails are absolutely ugly, shaped like a trapezoid 🙁 You are going to have to give me lessons on that!

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