Big Burgundy Bow DIY

Ok, let’s embrace this season’s colour: burgundy.

Yesterday I went to the big fabric shop, Stoff&Stil, in Oslo with my better half (Sigrid).
Whilst she was picking out some stretchy lycra for her new sportswear collection I found some cute little DIY-things: 

(2 DIY hair clips 85p)

Then I pulled out my knitting needles. (Yes, I am the happy owner of Cath Kidston knitting needles)

 Not everyone knows how to knit, and I am not going to attempt to teach you here, but I would strongly recommend everyone who enjoys a bit of craftiness to either get their grandma to teach them or to youtube it. There are some good tutorials out there, and the knitting part of this DIY is pretty much as easy as it gets.

So I bought some chunky wool in the trendiest colour I know.

 Then I cast on 10 stitches and started knitting! 

When my rectangle was about 10 cm long i stopped knitting and bound off. (Notice how it’s a tiny bit longer than the hair clip.

Then i took a needle, and..

  ..stitched it together into a bow-shape. Then I took some ribbons (cut off from a jumper I bought last week, you know the annoying loops that always stick out in the wrong places unless you cut them off. Who keeps jumpers on hangers anyway?)

and tied them around the middle of the bow.

 I stiched the finished bow onto the hair clip with a thin thread 


 ..then it was done!

Later in the evening, when i took the bow out of my hair I decided I thought the ribbon made it look tacky, so i wrapped some of the same knitting wool around it instead:




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