Can you wear a playsuit in Winter?

If my “Wear or Donate’ feature has taught me anything it’s that if you like an item enough you can (and should) wear it whenever you like, regardless of the season. This week I bought an adorable black and white playsuit in Waggy Tails (Ashley Road charity shop) thinking “this’ll be great for summer”. But…. if we’re honest with ourselves seasons and tastes change so quickly that by summer this might not be in fashion anymore, I might’ve forgotten I have it buried in my wardrobe, or we may not even get a summer (classic UK)! So, I think if you want to avoid your wardrobe getting clogged, stagnant, and under-utilised you should wear things if and when you want – which for me is normally the day after I buy them.


To this playsuit I added black tights, a blazer, boots and a scarf and voila – winter wear! I also tried it with shirts and tops underneath which didn’t quite work for me but I think could be a great plan for some people.




I even managed to find a relatively tropical looking photography spot to set the summer mood (although the drizzling rain did slightly ruin that vibe).






Outfit cost breakdown


Black and white playsuit (Forever 21) – £3 – Waggy Tails charity shop, Ashley Road, Poole

Black blazer (Zara) – £4.50 – Scope charity shop, Ashley Road, Poole

Navy vintage handbag – £3 – Waggy Tails charity shop, Ashley Road, Poole

Black tights – £1 – Primark

Blue print scarf – 50p – Age Concern charity shop, Poole – also featured in A Week of Scarves – Day 1

Brown ankle boots – £2 – Cry charity shop, Ashley Road, Poole

Head to toe cost: £14





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  1. meganarz April 6, 2014 / 6:48 PM

    That scarf is beautiful and goes surprisingly well with your playsuit!!

  2. alligatortoe April 7, 2014 / 4:46 AM

    Adorable outfit! I love adding tights or leggings to dresses, skirts and shorts so I can wear them year round! 🙂

  3. whatwewear April 9, 2014 / 7:56 PM

    love this outfit, you look fabulous!

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